LOULOU DAMOUR, a Story of Fashion, Elegance and Commitment

LOULOU DAMOUR, a Story of Fashion, Elegance and Commitment

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The fashion brand is the image of its founder, who has been an industry professional for 37 years. Passionate, international, open to nature and the world around her. The perfect ingredients for a success with authentic and sincere accents.

Life is all about details. A chance encounter, an unexpected event or a seemingly innocuous decision can sometimes be enough to turn a life upside down.

This is perhaps what Zee Field, founder of LOULOU DAMOUR, thinks, she who did not expect to launch her own brand after building a career by creating for private labels. However, a painful episode prompted her to reassess her priorities and plans for the future.

"What is a Loulou?" 

It was by reflecting on the meaning she wanted to give to her life that this globetrotter passionate about fashion and discovery came to meditate on the many souls who had helped, guided and influenced her throughout her journey. It is these "Loulous" that inspired the entrepreneur to return to her French roots to give birth to her brand LOULOU DAMOUR.

A return to the roots, because after spending part of his youth in Paris, Zee Field traveled the world. Settling in places as diverse and varied as Montreal, Shanghai and now San Diego, where she has been based since 2009.

Launched in 2017, LOULOU DAMOUR is therefore an American brand, which nevertheless wishes to give pride of place to France, as its name suggests. Hence this question often asked across the Atlantic at Zee Field: "What is a Loulou?" To which the entrepreneur responds that a Loulou designates any being encouraging you to become a better person, pushing you to go beyond your limits and follow your passions.

In the case of Zee Field, one of his greatest passions, fashion, is the basis of his brand LOULOU DAMOUR. Textile products obviously, but also accessories and perfume form the heart of the collections marketed by the brand.

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