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Zee Field, designer and founder of LOULOU DAMOUR fashions and Parfums, shared with Insider answers to common fragrance questions.

How do you choose the right fragrance if you are new to scents and have no idea about notes?

The easiest way is to research the olfactive pyramid of one to two fragrances you like and dislike. If you don't like the scent of your co­worker's perfume, this valuable information will help you to exclude those specific notes. Then create your olfactive profile.

How can one make sure their perfume lasts?

Choose an Eau de parfum or a perfume with a higher concentration of oils. A high fragrance concentration means there is less alcohol and more essential oils. Check the concentration of perfume oil on the fragrance bottle or packaging such as parfum – 20-40% or Eau de parfum – 15-20%. Make sure your fragrance is not expired.

How long can a perfume last and be stored?

A perfume lasts up to five years. It expires much faster if not stored in a cool place as it is very sensitive to sunlight or air if left open without the cap on.

Is there a best time to apply perfume?

The best time to apply perfume is right after the shower before getting dressed on the chest area, shoulders, and one wrist. This application should be done at about 10 inches away. The spray of the wrist is a good tip. Once dressed, keep the five spray routines; three on the skin, two on your clothes. One behind each ear, one on the back of the neck, one on your front left shoulder, and one on your back right shoulder. Only Eau fraiche or Eau de cologne should be applied to the pulse points of the body.

Is there a right way to try on perfume in order to make a decision?

It is best to test a fragrance on your skin. The only issue is that you can only test one scent at a time. I like to start with a blotter strip or card. Spray twice downwards, pass the blotter strip through the fragrance cloud, wave under your nose, and inhale. Then, I move on to the skin test. Wash your hands earlier, not just before testing fragrances, and do not apply any hand cream. Spray onto the back of your hand from a distance of four to six inches, and no more than 10 inches depending on the atomizer pump. Start with just two sprays, and leave until the oil dries.

By Meehika Barua

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