Galimard of Grasse France

Galimard of Grasse France

Did you know that the PARFUMERIE GALIMARD, in Grasse, France has been in business longer than the United States has been in existence?

Since 1747, GALIMARD, has remained a family owned and operated enterprise of world reknown Parfum designers. Jean de Galimard lived in Grasse in 1747 where he created Parfumerie Galimard. Jean supplied the court of Louis XV, the well-beloved, King of France, with olive oil, pomades and perfumes from which he developed the first formulas.

For over 270 years, Parfumerie Galimard has been following the same traditions as its renowned founder and currently uses the same processes which made its name famous.

Galimard's contemporary management team pursues perfection and harmony and cultivates innovation to achieve each unique and sublime creation.

It's for this reason that Zee Field, founder of LOULOU DAMOUR chose Galimard as the creator of their first fragrance, LOULOU which is available now, and for their second fragrance, LILI, is coming soon.