In French, your “Mon loulou d’amour” is someone very dear to your heart.

LOULOU DAMOUR fashions and parfums are designed for the special loulous in our lives.


A French Designer Living in San Diego...

LOULOU DAMOUR is a fashion label with a twist of French chic. Zee Field, the designer and founder, is originally from Paris, then migrated to Canada, and now makes her home in San Diego. 

“Many people have asked me ‘What is a loulou?’ I explain it is someone who helps you be a better person, someone that inspires you to push past limitations and follow your passion.” 

Zee recently unveiled her Hummingbird, Fig, and Lili Collections at Fashion Week in New York. These collections embody a harmony between nature, tradition, and nostalgia. The pieces incorporate delicate floral patterns and soft hues that evoke the delightful shades of a French summer, with fluid and feminine silhouettes.

LOULOU DAMOUR prioritizes the use of organic materials, adding more recycled materials in each new collection. Zee proudly supports the San Diego Humane Society, the White Feather Foundation, and many others aimed at saving pets and combating animal cruelty. All manufactured items are cruelty-free and do not contain any animal products.